Your business works
wherever you are.

ING Business – bank in your phone.

Download ING Business and bank comfortably wherever you are.

ING Business mobile app is now available for Apple Watch and Android Wear


ING Business mobile application is dedicated to persons who need permanent access to the company’s accounts
at any time and from any place. The comfortable and intuitive application menu enables you to perform
fast banking transactions on your smartphone. The main screen of the application and the quick menu
is your management centre - you can customise them to your personal needs.

ING Business allows you to:

  • Control accounts’ balances and transactions’ history
  • Manage orders, internal transfers and to defined
    recipients (including ZUS and US)
  • Sign every order previously entered into
    ING BusinessOnLine
  • Check current exchange rates and maps of ATMs, CDMs
    and branches of ING Bank
  • Buy and sell currencies
    (Kantor module)

ING Business is a dedicated app on
Apple iOS, Google Android.


ING Business mobile app allows you to perform the most important banking transactions in an easy way,
offering in addition many innovative solutions for your convenience.

Touch ID and
Android Fingerprint

Authorization of orders and login
to the application using
fingerprint recognition.

Quick preview
with 3D Touch

Faster access to selected functions
of the application (iOS version only).


The application desktop enables quick
view of the balance on the accounts
and signing orders.


Widgets for Apple iOS and Google
Android systems will present the
balance on the chosen account
without the need to log to
the application.


You can drag functions that
you are interested in to
the lower hand menu.


Thanks to the „Documents”
function you can scan and send
important files to the
ING BusinessOnLine system.


ING Business is the first banking application in Poland developed exclusively for Apple Watch and Android Wear.
A single screen offers you the view of information that you usually look for while logging into the smartphone app.
Smartwatch apps don’t require logging.

Apple Watch

Immediate access

All information is available on the
screen as Glances. The data is refreshed
with the Force Touch technology.

Account balance indicator

The percentage indicator of the account
balance lets you check your account status
at a glance. You can select and change
the account in the application settings.

Pending orders

You can scan through the current
number of orders awaiting your
signature or sending.

Exchange rates

You get the bank exchange rates
for a currency pair that you can
select in the application settings.

Android Wear

Immediate access

You just need to set ING Business watch face
in order to benefit from the watch and date
functions as well as the banking app.
Information is on all the time.

Account balance indicator

Your account balance is continuously
presented as a discreet progress bar
around the watch face.

Pending orders

The number of orders awaiting your
signature or sending is located
at the bottom of the watch face.


  1. Download the application
    from the mobile store

    To use mobile banking download
    the application from the App Store
    / Google Play. Type INGBusiness
    in the search field.

  2. Log on to
    ING BusinessOnLine

    Log on to the internet
    banking system and activate
    mobile banking following
    the instructions in the system.

  3. Log on to

    When activation of the
    application is completed log on
    to it using your ID and the
    password set in the system.


Using ING Business application is protected due to the highest standards.

  • Connection with
    128-bit SSL encryption
  • Built-in mobile version
    of token for signing orders
  • Dedicated PIN
    for mobile banking
  • Automatic logout after
    a longer period of inactivity
  • The application can be blocked
    in ING BusinessOnLine
    full version
  • No sensitive information
    is saved in the phone memory


See answers to frequently asked questions.

How to install the application?

It is easy. On your smartphone go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and type INGBusiness in the search field. You can log on to the application after the service has been activated.

How to activate ING BusinessMobile?

In order to be able to log on to the application you must undergo the activation process first. Log on to ING BusinessOnLine, go to the Administration/Mobile Banking section and follow the instructions on the screen. During the activation process you will get your ID and create a dedicated PIN to the application.

What is ID and PIN?

ID is your login to ING BusinessOnLine and to the mobile application. If you use certificate-based method to log on, you will find your ID in the Administration/ Mobile Banking section.

PIN number is a dedicated mobile banking password defined during activation of the ING BusinessMobile application. The PIN code is also used for signing orders.

I forgot my PIN, what now?

Login to ING BusinessOnLine, go to Administration/Mobile Banking section and click Change/Remove device. You will be asked to re-activate the application and to define new PIN.

Is it safe to use ING BusinessMobile?

Both ING BusinessOnLine and the mobile application use advanced security methods. You will find more information in the Security section on this site.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

Log on to ING BusinessOnLine, go to Administration/ Mobile Banking section and click Remove device. Now your application is blocked until reactivated. You can also call ING Business Centre at 801 242 242 or 32 357 00 24 and ask them to block the access.

I can’t log on, what next?

Make sure the phone is in the operator’s network range and has an active internet connection. If the problem persists, contact ING Business Centre at 801 242 242 or 32 357 00 24 and let us know about the problem.

Can I log on using different devices?

Yes, you can activate ING Business mobile app on many devices.


Should you have any questions or doubt please contact us.